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Cannon Fic

Kiss the Gunner's Daughter...

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A community inspired by the wonderful madness that is flagitiousabuse, this time for those of us who like to keep our characters, er, cannonically corrected.

Started with the Age of Sail fandoms in mind, but if you have a cannon and something pretty to drape over it, we want to be there.

Because we're filthy perverts concerned with realism here. Yes, realism. *stern nod*

It's a harsh, hard world out there and we love to punish those badbadpirates and dirtypervynavalofficers and *pant* *pant* even the most upright and virtuous souls must sometimes be spanked and ravished for our wicked delight shown the error of their ways.

So, if you've got a fic that's really cannonical ... please. We want it. We need it. Because we've been very very bad