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Damned Colonial

These Terrible Foes

A ficlet for commodorified.

Title: These Terrible Foes
Author: damned_colonial
Pairings: Oakes/Harte/gunner's daughter
Warnings: flagitious non-consensual midshipman abuse; silliness

The scene:
Anno Dominus 1775
His Majesty's Ship Priapus, anchored off Spithead
The Midshipmen's Berth

Dramatis Personae
Oakes, a midshipman
Foster, likewise a midshipman
Hammond, another midshipman
Harte, a younger midshipman

"Come, cheer up, my lads," cried Midshipman Oakes, a burly oldster with full whiskers. "We shall have some fun tonight." His companions, Foster and Hammond, chuckled. Their diminutive berthmate Harte had not been seen since the forenoon watch, but they knew he must soon return to the crowded gundeck compartment the four of them shared.

At that moment Harte appeared, unsuspecting; but at the sight of the other lads' faces he cowered and looked as if he would run.

Oakes sneered at him, and said, "I swear I'll invade you, boy."

Harte darted away, but Foster was up and through the door in no time, and nabbed him. "Now now, lad. We wish you to stay. Don't you know, if you run we shall follow, and drub you on shore as we've drubbed you at sea."

The youngster struggled, but could not get free. The other mids unceremoniously stripped him of his pantaloons and pushed aside the table, clearing the way to the twenty-four pounder that occupied a corner of their cabin.

"Hold his hands - get his flat bottom o'er," Oakes ordered. Foster and Hammond grabbed Harte by the hands and pulled him across the barrel of the gun, while Oakes unbuttoned his breeches.

"Ready, Oakes?" asked Hammond.

"Always. Now, steady boys, steady."

"Do I still make you fear?" he whispered in Harte's ear as he bent over him. With that he plunged hilt-deep into the youngster's arse, and he rammed and he pounded again and again.

All characters are fictional; any resemblence to senior Post-Captains or Admirals in the Hornblower or Master and Commander universes is purely intentional. With apologies to the original author of Heart of Oak.

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